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NASA Saturn-V Launch Umbilical Tower building blocks kit

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NASA Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower is recognized as one of the most classic brick sets, which is meant to be a companion set for NASA Apollo Saturn V #21309 or #92176. Its challenging assembly process is suitable for assembling it yourself or giving it to friends who is NASA & brick enthusiast.

The features are:

Total number of bricks & connectors: 3866

Overall height of the set: 144 studs = 1.20 meters = 3.79 feet = 44.98 inches

Platform length: 57 studs = 0.458 meters = 1.50 feet = 17.71 inches

Platform width: 47 studs = 0.378 meters = 1.19 feet = 14.52 inches

The functions of this set are as follows:

- The yellow control is for the rotation of the crane on its central axis either to the right or to the left

- The red control is for raising or lowering the hook

- The blue control is for the gateway's rotation during takeoff: at this time, the upper gateway with the white box, pivots to the right while the other 8 gateways are pivoting to the left.

- The green control is to go up or down with the lift, from level 0 (top of the platform) to the sixteenth floor of the crane, in the platform, there is a mechanism to stretch with two elastics the cable which makes a return trip.

You can manually:

- lift the Damper (located at the top of the tower) during take-off, and lock or unlock the rocket so that it has maximum stability in a vertical position.

- Also, the three umbilicals (located on the base of the platform) can pivot upward to release the rocket during take-off, just like the real one.

As we all know, most rockets need to rely on the launch tower on the rocket launch pad before launch. Transmitting towers are divided into service towers and umbilical towers.

Today's protagonist umbilical tower is a fixed or backward-type tower used to support equipment such as filling gas supply pipelines and test cables.

It is responsible for supplying power, gas, and fuel to the rocket, and sending wired detection signals of the rocket and spacecraft to the ground for detection and launch control. 

The umbilical tower will automatically disconnect from all connected cables when it is launched. After it opens the movable swing arm, the rocket ignites and takes off. The whole process is like the relationship between the fetus and the umbilical cord, hence the name.

Between July 1963 and March 1965, NASA built three launch umbilical towers. Throughout its service, it was continuously modified to adapt to different tasks.

Why Choose ENBRIC® NASA Saturn-V Launch Umbilical Tower Building Blocks Set

  1. More brick pieces than other versions of NASA Saturn V launch umbilical tower, up to 3866 pieces of brick make this epic more challenging to accomplish.
  2. Optimized structure, and reinforced 7 key load-bearing nodes, making the launch tower more sturdy.
  3. Accurate to 0.01cm in part size, compatible with all major brick brands on the market.
  4. Some of the building block sets from other brands on the market are PDF instructions, resulting in poor assembly experience. ENBRIC brick kits contain exquisite paper manual instructions, both children and the elderly can easily understand the manual and complete this epic.
  5. Brick bags numbered by assemble steps, give you a nice assemble experience.
  6. More favorable prices.
  7. ENBRIC is the only store that sells premium Apollo V Launch Tower that includes a copyrighted printed manual and detailed step-by-step instructions to give customers the best experience, and respect customers. Some other building block companies create so-called MOC sets by stealing intellectual property (PDF instruction) from the Internet and gathering parts(From different factories) together. The scraped parts from multiple manufacturing companies have poor fit, which is harmful to both Internet authors and customers.

We also give options to brick fans who don't have NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket(retired set), you can buy 5839PCs Full kits NASA Apollo Saturn V + Launch Umbilical towernow.

Recommendation: This set have a high task volume, so brick fans with good hands-on ability are worth completing this epic.

Your NASA Apollo Saturn V Means a Lot

'I put up this display at our local school in January. The intent was to get kids excited about space again. I think it mostly worked. I didn't have the Saturn V but one of the students did and after a week of me being annoyingly persistent, she added it to the display. I would stream videos of everything on display or NSF Starbase 24/7 or any live launch that happened to be taking place during the school day. To make children aware of the admirable feats of spaceflight that humans have accomplished, I now have my own Saturn V and I intend to build a Starship model and NASA Saturn V Launch Tower to the same scale as the Saturn V before I display it at the school again. To anyone involved with SpaceX or NASA who might see this, I thank you all so much for the work you've put into exploring the universe'.

The Official ENBRIC® Set Significantly Outperforms the MOC

-  ENBRIC® NASA Saturn V Launch Tower Brick Set and Paper Manual has applied for registration with the copyright bureau.

- Every part in your set is a custom-made part specially produced for your set only. You cannot purchase any part pieces in your set from anywhere else. Starting from the procurement of high-quality building block materials, the production cycle of each part reaches 3 to 8 weeks. After waiting for the printing of paper instructions and the completion of the inspection by the quality inspection department, the entire production cycle of the set you get reaches an astonishing six months.

- Behind the set you purchased, from the production of the set to the delivery to your hands, the entire process includes at least 30 people in different positions working together to ensure that customers get the best ENBRIC® Brick Set instead of MOC.

- The production process of official ENBRIC brick sets includes up to 12 procedures including material procurement, printing, production, quality inspection, and package verification. In comparison, other stores only have three processes: procurement, collection, and sales.

Now you understand the reason why you can get bright and scratch-free parts, high-definition paper instructions, and a luxurious brick set without missing pieces. It is not easy to insist on doing only 'The Best'. We spend a lot of time and resources on it. Nevertheless, this steadfast conviction serves as our driving force, propelling us towards ever-greater heights. Undoubtedly, you concur with this sentiment. Whether it’s the smooth assembly process or the awesome luxury ornaments after assembly, this is the result of you choosing 'The Best'.

What's Beyond the Brick

ENBRIC's spending on material, warehousing, and quality inspection is leading in the industry to ensure that the entire production and delivery process of your brick set meets the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Each piece of your brick set contains a minimum of 30% recycled material, and the production cycle of each brick piece reaches three weeks to meet multiple GRS requirements. The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary, full-product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. We always believe that humans are responsible for protecting the earth’s ecology, now you have accomplished it too.

All parts are quality-checked before shipping, so if you find any parts missing or damaged, don't worry. Please contact us and we will send them to you immediately free of charge.

The package will be shipped within 24~48 hours if it's in stock, thanks for your support.

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