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Red Edition Remote Controlled Crane 9176pcs

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This is by far the largest & most feature packed model available anywhere.

Unleash your inner engineer with this colossal, high-performance crane system. Featuring an impressive assembly of more than 9000 components, 14 electric motors and over 300 gears, this engineering masterpiece reaches astonishing heights of up to 250cm.

Operable through an advanced remote-control system, it offers a dynamic experience with the ability to rotate the superstructure, raise and lower the counterweight and hook, manipulate the boom's height through a rope-and-pulley mechanism, tilt the operator cabin, and more.

This multi-faceted crane allows you to take on the roles of both operator and engineer, providing an immersive journey into the world of heavy-duty construction.

Perfect for anyone who appreciates meticulous craftsmanship and complex engineering, this exceptional system showcases the marvel of human-made machinery on a grand scale, offering an educational, entertaining, and awe-inspiring experience.

135cm x 250cm x 54cm
53.1in x 98.4in x 21.2in 

Key Features:

  • Over 9000pcs
  • Over 300 Gears
  • 250cm - Height of the Crane Arm
  • 135cm - Static Length
  • Remote Controlled Rotating Superstructure
  • Remote Controlled Raising/Lowering Counterweight
  • Remote Controlled Raising/Lowering Hook
  • Remote Controlled Raising/Lowering Boom via Cylinders
  • Remote Controlled Raising/Lowering Boom via Rope-and-Pulley System
  • Remote Controlled Raising/Lowering Arm of Operator Cabin
  • Remote Controlled Rotating Operator Arm
  • Tilting Operator Cabin
  • Remote Controlled Extension of 4-Stage Boom
  • Remote Controlled Stabiliser Legs
  • Remote Controlled Tilting Stabiliser Legs
  • Raising/Lowering Boom Stabiliser Legs
  • Building Instruction Booklet Included in Parcel
  • Full Sticker Pack
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