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Remote Controlled Snow Groomer 1099pcs


One thing's clear - we won't have any excuse if we'll get snowed in this year.

This model wasn't just built for show. It has PRO Series electronics coupled with deep groove tracks to ensure traction in even the snowiest conditions. Add onto this the front mounted plow & rear mounted liner and you'll be ready to make a ski slope in your own back yard!

39cm x 19cm x 29cm
15.3in x 7.4in x 11.4in 

Key Features:

  • Over 1000 Parts
  • Remote Controlled Drive
  • Remote Controlled Steering
  • Front Plow
  • Rear Liner
  • Extendable/Retractable Tow Hook
  • Rotating Tow Arm
  • Extending/Retracting Boom
  • 4x PRO Series Large Electric Motors
  • 1x Receiver & Battery
  • 1x Remote Control
  • Building Instruction Manual Included in the Parcel
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