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Shuttle Expedition 1260PCS

The Space Shuttle is the most complex machine ever built. Both a true marvel of engineering and a workhorse, it is one of the most storied and unique space-faring vehicles to date. With over 135 missions, it was humanity's first reusable spacecraft, and brought hundreds of astronauts, scientists, and researchers to space.

Dimensions: 46cm x 26cm x 16cm

Key Features:

  • Get your nano-fig crew ready on the two decks and launch the Orbiter into space using the Main Engines and Boosters!
  • Separate the Boosters and External Tank, like the real thing!
  • Deploy the payload and take astronauts on a spacewalk using the Canadarm!
  • Dock with the ISS (not included) with the Orbital Docking System!
  • Glide back down to Earth by positioning the moving flaps (elevons) and tail rudder!
  • Deploy the landing gear and tail rudder speed brake for touchdown!
  • Congratulations, you've just finished your first mission to space, and you can now return your Shuttle to the safety of the display stand!
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