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The 120cm Ship 5265pcs


Made from a massive 5265pcs, this is the biggest and most detailed model ship available anywhere, complete with 11 sails, planks, rear balcony and multiple decks.

At 120cm in length and 71cm in height, this is the largest ship ever released and a must-have model for any collection! 

Parcel includes a full part pack and paper instruction manual.

119.6cm x 22.5cm x 71cm
47.1in x 8.8in x 27.9in 

 Key Features:

  • Over 5200pcs
  • 120cm Long
  • Multiple Detailed Decks
  • 71cm Tall Sails
  • Cannons
  • Decorated Stern
  • Decorated Captain's Quarters
  • Building Instruction Manual Included in Parcel
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