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The Official 2022 Alfa Romeo F1 Car 2305pcs


Official Licensed Alfa Romeo C42 with Full Sticker Pack

Step into the thrilling world of motorsport with an official tribute to the 2022 Alfa Romeo Team Car. This remarkable racing machine is the culmination of cutting-edge technology and racing expertise, representing the pinnacle of motorsport performance. In the world of motor racing, Alfa Romeo has a storied history dating back to the sport's inception, and the 2022 car is a testament to their commitment to innovation and competition. With its sleek aerodynamic design and powerful engine, it embodies the spirit of speed, precision, and relentless pursuit of victory.

This model captures the Alfa Romeo C42 with extraordinary detail and precision. Built to an impressive 1:8 scale, it stretches an impressive 68cm in length and comprises over 2300 pieces, ensuring an immersive and rewarding building experience.

The model features remote-controlled drive and steering, allowing you to command the car with precision just like a real driver. Lift the engine cover to reveal a fully detailed engine bay with a functioning engine, complete with rotating pistons. The independent front and rear suspension provide a realistic sense of handling, while the fully detailed cockpit includes the driver's halo for authenticity. The custom wheels, full aero pack with custom duct grills, rear diffuser, front wing, and rear wing showcase the car's aerodynamic prowess. With a comprehensive sticker pack included, you can add the finishing touches to this incredible model.

Immerse yourself in the world of racing with this meticulously designed model, an official tribute to the Alfa Romeo C42. Perfect for motorsport enthusiasts, collectors, and those seeking an extraordinary building adventure, this model captures the essence and performance of a true racing legend, offering a dynamic and immersive experience for fans of all ages. Get ready to unleash the speed, precision, and excitement of the race day in your own space.

68cm x 13.8cm x 25.6cm
26.7in x 5.4in x 10.07in 

Key Features:

  • 1:8 Scale
  • 68cm Long
  • Over 2300 Pieces
  • Instruction Booklet Included in Parcel 
  • Remote Controlled Drive
  • Remote Controlled Steering
  • Detailed Engine Bay
  • Engine with Rotating Pistons
  • Independent Front & Rear Suspension
  • Fully Detailed Cockpit
  • Driver's Halo
  • Custom Wheels
  • Full Aero Pack with Custom Duct Grills
  • Rear Diffuser, Front Wing & Rear Wing
  • Full Sticker Pack
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